Animutations sorted by Complexity

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This is a list of Fanimutations sorted by complexity. Due to the fact not many fanimutations have the complexity known, only the ones with known complexities are on the list. If multiple fanimutations are of equal complexity, they will then be listed in alphabetical order.

The List

Name Complexity
A Sticky Night of Love 8
Chocolate Niblet Beans 8
Hyakugojyuuichi Forever 8
Untitled 7
Wizard Power 7
Elvis Not Included 6
Pokey and the Ombaoojiebaseo 6
Earth Vs. Funk 5
Dan Hibiki for Prezidénté 4
French Erotic Film 3
The Voyage Home 3
JamezBond 2
Maiyahi 1
Suzukisan 1
Irrational Exuberance 0
Nya Nya Nya -1
We Drink Ritalin -1
Dragostea Din Tei -3
Mostly Metal Jacket -3
Mr. Pringle, Attorney at Law -5
Bob Esponga -5
The Chocolate E -5
Gellato El Chocolato -6
Leela Doo -6
Seven Deadly Dwarfs -6
Team Rocket's Journey Through Time and Space -7
How to make an Internet Cartoon - Tutorial -8
Hyakugojyuuichi -8
Revival of the Node 3/4 -9
Squirrely Wrath -9
Foo-La-La! -10