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In the anime Mahou no Tenshi Creamy Mamy (魔法の天使クリィミーマミ, literally "Magical Angel Creamy Mamy"), Creamy Mamy (クリィミーマミ) (sometimes spelled "Creamy Mami") is the magical alter ego of 10-year-old Yuu Morisawa (森沢優), the daughter of two former motorcycle gang leaders who run a crêpe stand in the small town of Creamy-ga-Oka (くりみヶ丘). One day, she runs away from home (her mother is quite strict and the anime is rife with spanking scenes) and finds a giant ship in the sky. She is swept up inside and meets two cat-like aliens Posi and Nega, who grant her the power to transform into a 16-year-old girl. Realizing the advantage she has gained, Yuu transforms and sneaks out of the house. The next day, she is spotted by the talent agency Parthenon Productions and is asked to fill in for Megumi Ayase, their most popular idol, on a live TV performance. Yuu complies and fills in the spot and is an immediate success. When asked her name, Yuu responds (after a few seconds of hesitation) with "Creamy Mamy", and the name sticks.

Historical Significance

Creamy Mamy marked the first use of a tactic called "media mix, " promotion of a real-life up-and-coming idol through an animated TV show, in Japan. (Yuu/Creamy was voiced by then-16-year-old Takako Ohta (太田貴子).) The tactic has been repeated dozens of times in Japan and around the world.