Happy Birthday To Me

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Happy Birthday To Me
now dat was sum good sexzes
on Albino Blacksheep
Author: Croissant Savant
Release Date: unknown
File Size: unknown
Duration: unknown
Complexity: unrated
Animutatedness: unrated
Star(s): black guy?
Audio Info
Happy Birthday To Me
Artist: Bulldog Mansion
Genre: Rock
Language: Korean





Fake Lyrics Real Lyrics

You know those trays got you!

I do you all in the Monday.
Cute dog I marry on Tuesday.
Try goddman BEANO
but dear child, I'm gay.
Charming your mother,
Gunshot moonlight
got a troll, ya?

I'm just going under.

I killed a Neitze in Wednesday
Cute enter tie AH SHIT Thursday?
Well Jonnie had her sex and looked at Matt
Mangy Mulatto, it can be allright!

It's my Brithday!
Pajama not first day!
You don't get it, man!
A fella's hips don't lie!
I'm mourning, can't you die?
My mashed potato lye,
Got a ghetto cat cola.

Veggies! Veggies!

Rabies! Rabies!

a-Something got good on Friday.
"The Santa Deed" on a Saturday?
That other night, we bought a human.
My tired egg,
I cook to, uh, Midnight

It's my Porshe Day
Pwnd your mother first, Dave.
Dude, you're getting mad!
I felt that tickle, I'm...
I'm gonna get you man.
My passion can't hold back,
Mother, get off the cognac!

Get it, Grab it!
Coca Cola?!?


Don't even know on a sick day.
Pardon my Trojan mirage, Troy.

It's my burst-day,
Now I hurt, can't sleep, kay?
Who did good at first-aid?
Me don't care enough!
The soldier of gMail!
No, sir arm-hair,
Balls day: Sure to be a
false day.
Google "Piano Nam"
Heck ya, the Jew's don't lie.
Manure in the hat.
Buddha, Holy Macarel!

No, I can't get L-Coli.

Crappy Ending

Craig and Betty?



Audio Details

The song featured in this movie was originally made famous by the non-animutation flash There she Is! Step 2


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