Kaiji Sakomizu

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A teacher and groundskeeper at the prestigious Fuuka Academy in the anime and manga series My-HiME. More commonly known as Sakomizu-sensei (Teacher Sakomizu), and nicknamed "Afuro-sensei" by fans because of his distinctive afro hairdo. In the sequel series, My-Otome (which was set in an alternate, more fantasy-oriented universe, but with many of the same basic characters as My-HiME), he had a slightly more prominent role in the story, and was called the Cardinal. In both series, he acted as an advisor to Natsuki Kuga (called Natsuki Krueger in My-Otome), one of the major characters.

Because of Sakomizu's strange physical resemblance to Indogutsu Tenbuki, the animutator uses him as an avatar on the Animutation Portal's forum and other message boards. Thus, whenever Sakomizu appears in animutations, he does so as Tenbuki's analogue.