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Made in Animutopia
Could and did
Author: BluesTheSquirrel
Release Date: unknown
File Size: 3.63 MB
Duration: unknown
Complexity: unrated
Animutatedness: unrated
Star(s): Colin Mochrie
Audio Info
Kochira Mona Piza
Artist: Diamond City Idol, Nao Komori, Pizza Joe, The Dinosaurs
Album: "WarioWare Twisted" Soundtrack
Genre: Pop
Language: Japanese






Fake Lyrics Real Lyrics

Coach E is gonna eat ya
I think I should get the duct tape
I know Uncle Betty
Also known as king of you

(GO! GO! GO! GO!)

Coach E is gonna beat ya (Bon jouruno!)
Kamikaze eating cookies (Bouno!)
Kamikaze cannot beat me (Moruto bouno!)
(Insert anime attack name here) (Manma miiya!)

Kiss azuki, taratatada!
Uho Numa! The backstab baby!
(1, 2, 3, GO!)

Order pizza (Watashi ga tenchou no)
Hola Keith Stack (Jou de gozaimasu)
Pwn a lizard (Umainda Jou)
Mona Lisa (Umaindajou, datte gufufufu)

What if you were a diamond toe?
Why do you shower with a p-i-g?
You, the ghetto are probably dead
I have to vouch for the bigger Naru (Maitta ka)

Order pizza in a choco town
Or it as she got, diamond toe!

It's a dinosaur!
It's a dinosaur!

Kochira Mona Pizza
Atsu-Atsu dekitate
Aijou o komete
Otodoke shimasuu
(GO! GO! GO! GO!)

Kochira Mona Pizza (Bon jouruno!)
Tappuri chiizu ni (Bouno!)
Kari-Kari pizza kiji (Moruto bouno!)
Hoppe ga ochirun da (Mamma mia!)

Hitokuchi tabeta nara
Dou ni mo todomaranai (1, 2, 3, GO!)

Mona Pizza (Watashi ga tenchou no)
Mona Pizza (Jou de gozaimasu)
Mona Pizza (Umainda Joe)
Mona Pizza (Umaindajou, datte gufufufu)

Oretachi wa Pizza Dinosaur
Oretachi no Pizza sekai ichi
Tsuyokute takakute pawafuru de (Subarashii)
Hayakute atsukute me ga mawaru (Maitta ka)

Mona Pizza henachoko sa
Oretachi ga saikou (Ikuze)

Pizza Dinosaur
Pizza Dinosaur

Audio Details

  • The song is from "WarioWare Twisted!" (AKA "Mawaru! Made in Wario") for the Game Boy Advance. One of the characters, Mona, owns a pizzeria (Mona Pizza) and this song is featured in the commercial for it. The second half of the song is performed by Mona Pizza's chief competitor, Pizza Dinosaur.


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