Sonic Drive

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Sonic Drive
Watch out, Pluto!
Author: Probo
Release Date: September 30, 2006
File Size: unknown
Duration: unknown
Complexity: unrated
Animutatedness: unrated
Star(s): Sonic the Hedgehog, Ness
Audio Info
Sonic Drive
Artist: Hironobu Kageyama & Hideaki Takatori
Album: Sonic X OST
Genre: Anime Opening Theme
Language: Japanese


Ness suddenly gets the power to make seas from his eyes, and tries to destory Pluto by doing that. Sonic asks Colin Mochrie what happens, then Colin Washington tells him that Ness is about to destroy Pluto. Sonic goes on a rocket faster than him to get to Pluto, and when he gets to Pluto, he easily defeats Ness.

Al Gore then states that the movie will now revert to randomness. This part shows various, random, mondegreened parts, including a cross between Superman and Barney the Dinosaur, Obi-Wan Kenobi asking to be called his new cassette, and Mona Lisa knowing the e.

Suddenly, Debra McGrath plans to destroy Pluto. Her eyes become yellow, and she then goes up into space, and sends beams out of her eyes, making Pluto grow, while turning red, before it explodes. Pluto now has a grave, stating that it got killed by Debra.


Notable Props



Fake Lyrics Real Lyrics

Ness-o make a sea! Yo! Ness-o make a sea! Yo!
Woah, woah, woah, woah Lesko!


Key or iguana oh ooh ooh goo Colin what happen? Oh ooh you see...
Colin Washington...
dantotsu gooru

Hashirituduketenai to hoka ni No ma e door
Panku na Lets get kool man down

Fine young dew Wobb Super Barney Mickey movie
Doom cat eBay Soon, k, Yugi Lisa knows the E
Obi-Wan Call me my new cassette

Inside outside Shave the care
Inside outside You were there

Dare hitori mo nani hitotsu mo
Mae wo ikasetaku wa nai

Inside outside Costa Ric'
Inside outside Yes siree

Abunai yo to Have A Nice wa niteru
Sou dochira mo kamihitoe na no sa
Taikutsu nugisu
Kitt-ay! ima sugu kakedase

Ness-o make a sea! GO! Ness-o make a sea! GO! GO, GO, GO, GO, LET'S GO!!

S, O, N, I, C, GO! S, O, N, I, C, GO!

Kinou made no ruuru kyou wa tada no ruuzu
Kowashite dantotsu gooru

Hashirituduketenai to hoka ni imi wa nai to
Panku na tetsugaku nanda

Baiorizumu wa Tsuubai rizumu de
Fuukei wa shunkan ni musuu no sen
Ore wo torimaku kaze

Inside Outside semete
Issaigassai nuite
Dare hitori mo nani hitotsu mo
Mae wo ikasetaku wa nai

Inside Outside GO! SONIC!!
Issaigassai Yes! SONIC!!
Abunai yo to Have A Nice wa niteru
Sou dochira mo kamihitoe na no sa
Taikutsu nugisutete ima sugu kakedase

S, O, N, I, C, GO! S, O, N, I, C, GO! GO, GO, GO, GO, LET'S GO!!

Audio Details

  • The song is the TV size version of the Japanese opening theme from the Sonic X anime.


  • Subliminal stuff:
    • At the beginning, the following subliminal messages appear:
      • one
      • two
      • three
      • four
      • five
      • six
      • seven
      • eight
      • nine
      • ten
      • APPLE JUICE!
    • After Roy appears, "YOU LOVE THE COLOR BLUE" appears for one frame.
    • After the pudding sings, the following subliminal messages appear:
      • 2
      • RED
      • koolaid
    • For the last two frames where Debra McGrath's speech bubble is seen, the text changes to "AND NOW TO DESTROY PLUTO".
    • Near the end, a flurry of many images used in this flash appear. They are, in order, the Sunkist can, Ness, Sonic, the sea, Bill Clinton, a white gradient background, Millard Fillmore, both Matthew Lesko images, Michael Dell's head, Godzilla, Pluto, Colin Mochrie, Colin Washington, Outer Space, the rocket, Earth, Mars, the Asteroid Belt, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, floating ice, the happy Sonic drawing, Kool-Aid Man, Fine, the kid, the Mountain Dew can, Wobbuffet, Bill Gates, Super Barney, Mickey Mouse, GIR, cat eBay, the clock, Yugi, Mona Lisa, Leonardo da Vinci, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Laugh-a-lot Bear, Zoidberg, Bob Dole, Mario, Pikachu, Regis Philbin, Uncle Sam, Bart Simpson, Donald Regan, the panda, Richard Nixon, the singing pudding, Vincent van Gogh, Debra McGrath, and Abraham Lincoln.
  • The easter egg shows the text "Uh-oh! Randomness!" with Abraham Lincoln, happy Sonic drawing, and the drum against a flashy background.
  • References:
    • Other animutations:
      • We Drink Ritalin: The subliminal message YOU LOVE THE COLOR BLUE is a reference to the "You love this movie" subliminal of We Drink Ritalin.
      • A Sticky Night of Love: The word "Victoly" being mentioned references the "Cat got victoly" mondegreen from A Sticky Night of Love.
    • Other references:
      • Pluto's death is a reference to that Pluto has been recently reduced from a planet to a dwarf planet.
  • "Destroyed" used to be misspelt on Pluto's tombstone as "Destoryed" by accident. Now, it got corrected.

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