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This video is an old favorite of mine. Although I don't normally like horror-related stuff, I find this video to be delightfully disturbing. I was first exposed to this piece of genius when I was 11 or 12 years old searching around for something to watch on Newgrounds. When I read the description, I was expecting to be scared by it but I had the exact opposite reaction:I was absolutely intrigued. The obscure character choices, disturbing elements, ridiculously catchy Japanese music, and jokes in this video were just simply amazing. It was quite obvious that the Animutator who made this one was very passionate about their work because of how he/she took their time with every single little detail. I quickly became hooked on this video after I saw it once and in fact, I still watch it every once in a while do this day whenever I'm feeling sad and need a little bit of nostalgic entertainment to watch. I also like how aside from the gore this video doesn't rely on shock humor to get a cheap laugh. There's no cuss words, toilet jokes, sexual humor, etc. in this video. I think that any time an Animutator doesn't resort to crude humor to get a cheap laugh that only makes their videos a lot more creative and clever. That's why aside from a few very occasional bodily function and genitalia references, you'll never find an overabundance of immature humor in my Animutations. I would personally put this in my top 3 favorite Animutations of all time list. I would make it number 1 except for one tiny little issue........Colin Mochrie isn't in here. I mean seriously, what's up with that!? But aside from that one problem, this practically flawless classic of an Animutation will be remembered fondly by me for probably my whole life :).