Tommy Wimmer's First Animutation

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Tommy Wimmer's First Animutation
Mike will not help you
Author: Alex_Cameron
Release Date: December 18, 2007
File Size: 0.9MB
Duration: unknown
Complexity: -9
Animutatedness: Class C
Audio Info
The Samurai Pizza Cats Theme
Artist: Saban
Genre: TV Theme
Language: English


Alternate title: My First Flash Animutation

Tommy Wimmer asks someone to create an animutation. Only one man was brave enough to take up that challange, who designs it to Tommy's "style." At an astonishing 6fps, it breaks all forms of awesome.



Taken from the thread posted by Mr. Wimmer:

Plot: Andre 3000 beats up Jamie Cullum in the beginning. The Empire4 State Building flies to Washington, landing on Daunte Culpepper, who is crushed to death. Ilya kills Misteroo with an AK47. Reggie Bush's running back powers destroy George W. Bush. MMewtwo murders Mr. Crocker, who calls Timmyt Turner "Mike". Daavid Boston beats up Sirius Snape or whateever that muthafucka's name is.


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Windows Sky Drive. (This produces an XML parse error in all modern browsers but IE. View as ye olde HTML to fix. In Conkeror, type vtext/html and press Enter.)

The thread containing the request and animutation.