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The Great Big List of Fanimutations! Andrew Kepple (TmsT) French Erotic Film

Plan 9 From Underpants

Colin Vs Jesus: FINALE!

Hyakugojyuuichi 2003

French Erotic Birthday

Buddudandslash Cute Piggy's Revenge

Cute Piggy's Revenge 2

DDR Dave Thomas

Dave Donahue Exotic Japan


Disaster Labs The Richard Kiel Experience

Gender Neutral

Pokey and the Ombaoojiebaseo

Drunk Magikoopa (His movies are NSFW) Boom Boom Dolla

Crappyshit (gimmie)


I am submitting a movie (gentlemanwild)


Perot Music Hour

Rod Roddy Hotmix

Shine Get 1

Shine Get 2

Shine Get 3

what (321 stars) (warning: includes goatse AND tubgirl!)

The Bob Dole Experience

Dwedit Rock And Roll Mcdonalds



Darkwing Duck!

Miko Miko Nurse!

Mercury Storm Lick A Shot

Ulti'ate $Caaa-ashh-eee$

Mr. Homie Dan Hibikis Majik Sammich

Dan Hibiki's Armageddon

Dan Hibiki for Prezidénté (yodelbuffet)

Adept_Omega Boom Boom

Bucket Mouse Bucket Mouse Adventures (hidden fanimutation, wait for it to load, click the W rating, then right click and hit play to see the easter egg)

livingfruitvirus Go Yaffa

Spudnewt I am the man

antdocevil Type Wild

Gunya Gunya Gasu Gasu

Aussie Ben Maemuki Roketto-Dan

Joxa Salsa

Kelenar A Sticky Night of Love

JeffreyAtW Turnover (AtW Remix)

MonkeyforaHead Waka Laka Laka

Insomnimania Grrl Revolution

Robinson Wilburn We Drink Ritalin

Fun With Pop Culture

Pinto Rage

Toxic AKA Bob Barker Chocolate Niblet Beans

Elvis Not Included


Mr Pringles' funk machine



Neil Cicierega The Japanese Pokerap


Lesko's Revenge

Team Rocket's Journey Through Time and Space

Monkey Magic

Do The Mario

Lucky Lucky

The Japanese Pokerap 2

Nya Nya Nya

Batman and the Magical Band-Aid

Kung Fu Phil and the Death Cookie

Rubber Duckie

The Unabombers - Slipknot

Cold Heart

Life is Like a Mop

Jesus H. Christ

Captain Lou Albano's Steady Descent into Madness

Untitled (warning, you must cut and paste this url, otherwise you will get a really nasty nsfw site, probably should use the other link)

Earth Vs. Funk

Wizard Power

Veloso Irrational Exuberance (Yatta!)


Groundpoint (Fishyswa) BAGAGAGAGA BOP!

Penny's Big Adventure

Indogutsu Tenbuki Foolala! (made in RPG MAKER 2K) Requires Run time package:

List compiled by Dwedit, and it's probably incomplete. Email me or something if you want your flash on there.