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* [http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/kungfu.php Kung Fu Phil] at [[AlbinoBlackSheep]]
* [http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/kungfu.php Kung Fu Phil] at [[AlbinoBlackSheep]]
[[Category:Movies with Japanese Pokemon Music]] [[Category:Must-see Animutation]]
[[Category:Movies with Japanese Pokemon Music]]

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Kung Fu Phil and the Death Cookie
This won't end well
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Author: Neil Cicierega
Release Date: September 30, 2001
File Size: 1.7 MB
Duration: unknown
Complexity: unrated
Animutatedness: unrated
Star(s): Kung Fu Phil, Flabber
Audio Info
Natsuyatsumi Fan Club
Artist: Pokemon Kids
Album: Pika Pika Massaichuu
Genre: J-Pop
Language: Japanese


In a series of trippy fight sequences, Kung-Fu Phil does battle with his latest and greatest foes: a horde of lawn gnomes and their secret weapon, the "Death Cookie".




Fake Lyrics Real Lyrics


Wooooo Yeah!!
Suika no tane wo motto tooku made tobasou!
(Chu-tchu pika-pika chu-tchu pika-pika)
Biichibooru wo kakae mizube ni hashirou!
(Chu-tchu pika-pika chu-tchu pika-pika)
Nyuudou-gumo unchi ni nite 'ru tte waraou!
(Chu-tchu pika-pika chu-tchu pika-pika)
Taiyou ga ichiban genki na kisetsu
Kyonen no natsuyasumi owatta toki kara
Zutto matte ita n' da kotoshi no natsuyasumi
Kage-fumi shite asobou
"Natsuyasumi fan kurabbu" (Ie-!!)
Kakigoori wo tsukurou
"Natsuyasumi fan kurabbu"
Sentaku mono ga a- to iu ma ni kawaku wa!
(Chu-tchu pika-pika chu-tchu pika-pika)
Dousousei kara shochuu mimai todoita!
(Chu-tchu pika-pika chu-tchu pika-pika)
Tezukuri no fuurin chirin to natta wa!
(Chu-tchu pika-pika chu-tchu pika-pika)
Taiyou ga ichiban genki na kisetsu
Hiyake wa o-hada ni anmari yoku nai kedo
Chotto kodomo no kimochi ni modoreru natsuyasumi
Higasa sashite o-sanpo
"Natsuyasumi fan kurabbu" (Ran-ra-ran-ran)
Toumorokoshi yudemasho
"Natsuyasumi fan kurabbu"
Yukata de bon-odori
"Natsuyasumi fan kurabbu" (Utsubotto!)
Hanabi ga kirei da ne
"Natsuyasumi fan kurabbu"

Audio Details

  • This song was also in the soundtrack for the Pokemon movie Mewtwo's Revenge.
  • The song was for the original Japanese version of the "Pikachu's Summer Vacation" that played before "Mewtwo vs. Mew". The US dub replaces this song with "Vacation" by Vitamin C.


  • In a haiku at the top of the screen we learn about Colin Mochrie's living quarters:
"Colin Mochrie's house
Is only a giant box
But that's fine with him."
  • During the "Comjhere and give old Gilligin a kiss" part, if you zoom in on the upper right-hand corner, an MSPaint mutilation of Carrot Top can be seen.
  • After a football lands in Kung Fu Phil's crotch, there's a scene with various characters disappearing into a spiral. Near the beginning of the scene, the text "*SATANIC MESSAGE" appears.
  • When Kung Fu Phil's crotch fills the screen, the following surrealist joke appears: A man walks into a bar. As he sits down on one of the stools, he suddenly hears a loud YELPING noise. The man sits up quickly to see what he sat on. Sitting there is a small rodent. The man looks at the bartender. "Why's this rodent sitting on this stool??" he asked. "Actually, it's quite simple," the bartender replied as he casually cleaned a glass. "My name is GAHBUNGA"

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