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The database was reverted to the backup from March 2010, all edits since that point only exist as a backup on my hard drive. If you know of any changes you made that you want restored, let me know! --Dwedit 17:19, 5 June 2011 (UTC)

Welcome to FanimutationWiki

Welcome to FanimutationWiki, the guide to Animutations that anyone can edit! Our mission is to build a free database on Animutation in general, its history, its artists, and its memes. Feel free to look around and contribute to our project. You must register and login to edit.

Starting Points for Readers

Starting Points for Editors

  • Editing Guide, some things to keep in mind when creating new pages or editing existing ones.
  • Needs Work, pages which require attention, either in the form of additional information or fixing incorrect formatting.
    • Articles For Deletion, discussion of articles under debate over whether they should remain on the wiki or not.
  • Animutation Mailing List, this handy guide helps new members of the Animutation Discussion List participate in a meaningful and informed manner. A must-read for new users!