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{{#if:{{{sheezy|}}}|{{!}}align="center"{{!}}on [http://www.sheezyart.com/view/{{{sheezy}}}/ SheezyArt]}}
{{#if:{{{sheezy|}}}|{{!}}align="center"{{!}}on [http://www.sheezyart.com/view/{{{sheezy}}}/ SheezyArt]}}
{{#if:{{{dagobah|}}}|{{!}}align="center"{{!}}on [[dagobah:{{{dagobah}}}|Dagobah.net]]}}

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{{animutation infobox|
title=For if the full title is different from the title used for this page, otherwise omit|
subtitle=For if the movie has a subtitle or alternate title, otherwise omit|
imgdesc=Put a screenshot here, as well as a brief description|
author=The animutationist who created this movie - will be transformed into a wiki-link. If there are multiple authors, specify "special"|
date=When the movie was first released on the internet (preferred format yyyy/mm/dd, will be reformatted)|
size=The size of the movie file|
duration=Minutes & seconds of the main animation|
poiuytic=A rating of a movie's complexity using the Poiuytic Scale|
wartysian=A rating of a movie's animutatedness using the Wartysian Factor|
stars=The main character(s) of this movie, if any. If there is no star, omit|
newgrounds=Newgrounds movie ID|
aniport=Animutation Portal movie ID
albino=Albino Blacksheep movie name (grab it from the end of the url, e.g. http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/'''NAME'''|
youtube=YouTube movie ID|
sheezy=SheezyArt ID|
watch=A wiki formatted line to include an external link|
watch2...watch4= Up to 4 links|
audio=The song's title|
artist=The artist who did the song|
album=The first album in which the song was released, if known|
genre=Classify the song into a general genre|
language=The language(s) in which the song is sung|
audio2=Title of 2nd song if present, otherwise omit|

Up to 9 songs are currently supported.


See the Basic movie article template and the Alternate movie article template for example usage of this template.