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3.14 x 5
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Author: KKyuubi
Release Date: May 18, 2006
File Size: 1.00 MB
Duration: 1:40
Complexity: unrated
Animutatedness: unrated
Star(s): Loudred, Jay Jay the Jet Plane
Audio Info
Afronova Primeval
Artist: 8-Bit
Genre: Tribal Dance
Language: English


The not-so long awaited sequel to "More Pie!" is finally here, now with even more animation and parodies!


Notable Props


Fake Lyrics

Money Money Money Money!

Doodoo Hay!
Doodoo Hay!


I want a muddy muddy chicken POT PIE!
I want a muddy muddy chicken POT PIE!
I want a muddy muddy chicken POT PIE!
I want a muddy muddy chicken POT PIE!

Buy and Sell!

Money Money Money Money!

Audio Details


  • During "O RLY MODE", for one frame only, pictures of Hitoshi and the following message appear: "WELCOMED TO MY FLAME! I LIEK MILK!". This is not the only "I LIEK MILK" reference in this movie
  • Notes in the "Animu Countdown" scenes:
    • "The Kirby Dance" is a reference to Shumway
    • "Lemon Demon Records" refers to Neil Cicierega's band of the same name
    • The content of "The Megaman Dance" is a reference to the dancing Megaman sprite in Shumway. Shumway seems to be KKyuubi's favourite target for parodies.
    • The CD title for "The Megaman Dance" is another reference to "I LIEK MILK!"
    • The exact same Kirby dance appears 2 other times in the movie, appearing in a letterbox screen, and during the finale.
    • The top 3 on the Animu Countdown is: "The Kirby Dance", "The Megaman Dance", and "I WANT PIE!"
  • The Sunrise scene is an exact parody of Hyakugojyuuichi's opening.
  • The message on Jay Jay's first sign (Wakeman is Biased) refers to Hyakugojyuuichi
  • The 2nd sign that Jay Jay has says "Sue Itchy Guys (UH HUH!!!)" refers to the mondegreen of the same words in Irrational Exuberance.
  • A frame with a picture of the Random Pokerap Guy appears with the message "Random Pokerap Guy Says: You Love This Movie".
  • During the 2nd Naruto and Sakura sequence, a message says "You Love This Movie, Believe It!", a parody of Naruto's catchphrase in the dub appears for one frame.
  • During the 2nd flyover by Jay Jay with the "Sue Itchy Guys (Uh Huh)" sign, the dollar signs that appear around Jay Jay change to mondegreens from other Fanimutations for a few frames.
  • "Super Funbox Mode" refers to Irrational Exuberance, in which during its ending, a box labeled "Super Funbox" appeared in the corner showing random pictures.
  • "O RLY Mode" is a parody of More Pie's "All Your Base Mode"
  • This movie marks the first ever time KKyuubi has used Lip-Syncing that looks clean. (CATS in the Money Money Money scene)
  • The message at the end "Snack Happy" refers to Nabisco's ad campaign for Oreo Cookies featuring Colin Mochrie.
  • This movie debuts the $151 dollar Colin Funbux bill.
  • On June 12th 2006, all of KKyuubi's current animutations were modified to have working control buttons and a timer bar. This one contains a circle timer simliar to the one in The Japanese Pokerap 2

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