Aeroplane Food Sucks.

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"Aeroplane Food Sucks." is a Fanimutation created by Sandy Nisbet in the Summer of 2006. It uses a version of the Metalcore song Like Light to Flies by Trivium, sung in the fictional language Simlish. The title is unrelated to the movie. Unlike previous videos created by Sandy Nisbet, this video contains no plot.


The song is shortened. A guitar solo and final chorus has been removed. Sandy Nisbet claims he chose another Trivium song due to the vast number of poor quality clone videos inspired by his first video, Pull Harder Screams Marthur, and wanted to "show them how it's done". Sandy Nisbet created the video in response to pressure from friends who had enjoyed his previous videos. He is not as proud of the video as he is of his previous works, though he has said that his friends liked it just as much.


AFS on YouTube

AFS on Google Video