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The Animutation Mailing List is the life force, the mother brain, the land inside Jay Jay's mouth. It's where all the magic happens. Its volume goes through cycles, but in general, it has an average of around 10 messages per day. It has a good amount of regular posters, but likely numerous lurkers who either don't feel like posting or don't know how. One can subscribe at Animutation Central.

This page will attempt to outline some important aspects of the list, as well as some weird inside jokes, but ...

"One cannot be told what the list is. You must discover it for yourself." -- Peter Rybchenkov


Unsubscribing, the Elephant, etc.

Even though the List is beautiful and perfect, a source of creativity and knowledge, some people "don't get it" and they want to unsubscribe. This is the exact same type of person as the type who doesn't notice that at the bottom of every message sent out, the list server appends the message:

If you want to unsubscribe from the Animutation Discussion List, go to then login, and unsubscribe from there.

Inevitably, people either send a blank message with "unsubscribe" as the subject, thinking that the list is powered by one of those Majordomo-type programs that accept email-based commands, or they just send a message asking to be unsubscribed. This always results in a barrage of sarcastic replies, mentioning the instructions at the bottom of every message. We always act annoyed at the person's stupidity, but I think, in general, we all secretly find it entertaining.

This has led to an odd meme: commonly the Dead Elephant, or simply the Elephant. In January 2004, I posted -- I mean, Adam Atlas posted a message recommending that people sending "unsubscribe" messages be:

  1. Subscribed to the official Republican Party (USA) newsletter
  2. Entered in a raffle to win a dead elephant.

Luckily for him, the "elephant" idea stuck, and whenever someone posts an "unsubscribe" message, someone is almost certain to mention "the Elephant" (as in, "Sigh... I'll get the Elephant..."). Others have proposed different creatures to use, such as mammoths or endangered gorillas, but those ideas didn't go over well with the animunvironmentalists.

What's the song from "Wizard Power"?

One of the most common reasons people subscribe to the list is to ask for the name of the song in Neil Cicierega's hyperactive Animutation Wizard Power. Often, when a new person subscribes to the list and makes their presence known, even if they don't ask, one of the old elitists will look down their virtual nose, take their virtual pipe or cigar out of their virtual mouth, and say, "The song in 'Wizard Power' is New Wave Jacket."

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