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Bill Cosby is a famous black comedian, known for his expletive-free comedy routine and hawking Jell-O pudding in commercials. His career was torpedoed in 2014, by a string of allegations he acted sexually unsavory towards countless women. Viewing all the old Internet parodies of him becomes rather uncomfortable with this new hindsight.

Cosby was a frequent subject of parody throughout early 2000s Internet. He was a very popular target in YTMNDs, which usually accompany his images with sound clips from The Simpsons and Family Guy parodies of Cosby ("Pokey and the mon!"). In his animutational experiences, he has been evil, and semi-starred with Courage the Cowardly Dog, Atom Ant and Beetlejuice. A GIF of him nodding his head has also been featured in animutations.