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Scottish-born Canadian comedian Colin Mochrie is best known for his role in the show Whose Line Is It Anyway?. He has the unique distinction of being in almost every animutation and fanimutation, yet remaining alive. (See The Curse.) The tradition was established at the very beginning, in the original Japanese Pokerap by Neil Cicierega. During the choruses, multiple small, low-quality photos of Colin sang along by crudely moving their lower lips and jaws (as usual). A pattern soon began to appear; When Hyakugojyuuichi was released the next day, Colin was the face of the sun, perhaps a parody of the creepy baby-face sun from Teletubbies. He even made a completely separate appearance in the same movie- a hideously altered photo of him (See Distorted Colin), which became a common element of "classic" animutations.

Thus far, all but two of Neil's Animutations have featured Colin in some way or another, and very few other animutationists have strayed from this tradition. Some do; either they are individualistic, or they have a poor sense of pattern recognition. Or, in the case of early animutations like Gellato El Chocolato, there wasn't enough existing prior art for a pattern to be evident.

It is now well-known on the Animutation Mailing List that Colin is aware of his status as an animutation icon, as well as having seen the entire Colin vs. JHC trilogy. His website's Biography page briefly addresses this:

For some reason, Colin has now become a 'staple' of the online movie genre known as either 'fanimutation' or 'animutations'. These animations are usually made from a product known as Macromedia Flash, and Colin's presence in them is so large it is now pretty well considered a 'necessary step' in their creation. And yes, for all those who ask - Colin does know about these.

In the "Ask Colin" section of his website, he writes:

It was very odd when I first saw the animutations. Obviously the animators are more than a little crazy, but I am very proud of my standing in the animutation arena and hope that some day I can make millions off of it.

Colin's animutation appearances have made him more famous, before he became recurring, he was just another obscure-ish character.


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