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Welcome to Articles for Deletion, the new game everybody's talking about. To play, you deliberate stuff to be deleted.

How to Play

Nominate an Article

Add the tag.

Add {{afd}} to the page.

Create its AfD subsection.
  • Follow this edit link and list the page/category/whatever at the bottom of that page using {{subst:afd2|Page name|Reason= }} ~~~~
Give due notice.

It would be polite if you notified the people who contributed to the page about the proposal.


Just make your opinion known. Note, THIS IS NOT A VOTE. This is for consensus.

All votes should be in boldline (e.g. '''Vote'''):

  • Keep for those who disagree with the article's removal. Be sure to include your supporting points such as that of notability or guarantee of enhancement and/or cleanup. If agreeing with another person, you may just write messages like "per nom", "as per nom", or "per (agreeing user's name)". --(signature)
  • Comment For those who argue one's point of view. As in any vote, an explanation is encouraged. When commenting on another user's vote, be sure to indent it using an asterisk (*), multiple ones if you are replying to another user's comment (to indicate which comment you are replying to). --(signature)
  • Delete for all those who agree with the article's removal. Include GOOD reasons why the article should be deleted - Cicierega's First Law may be used to protect animutations which would otherwise be deleted. As with Keep messages, you may also agree with other deletion votes in the same manner. --(signature)

If you wish to change your vote, use <s></s> to strike out your old vote and place in your new vote.

If you think the page qualifies for Speedy Deletion, make your rationale known.

To insert a signature, simply type ~~~~ (that is, four tilde characters). This will automatically insert a link to your user page and specify the exact date and time at which you posted your comment.


Here is a collection of all of the "old" discussions from the old system.