Indogutsu Tenbuki

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A gathering of several members of Florida International University's anime club, "Anything Goes Anime," at the O-Bon Festival 2005 at Morikami Museum and Gardens, Delray Beach, Florida. Two animutators are pictured here; VXO is in the back row, second from the right, and Indogutsu is kneeling in the center.

Indogutsu Tenbuki (天武器 允道屈, not his real name) is an American fanimutationist who possesses skills in many online creative fields (most notably old-school RPG programming and design, and MIDI music composition/arrangement), but is a master of none. He has been interested in animutations since he first saw Hyakugojyuuichi back in 2001, but did not become an active member of the animutation community until he made one of his own.

In early 2003, Indogutsu provided the music for an animutation by his friend JeffreyAtW. Entitled Turnover (AtW Remix), it served as a 100th issue special for JeffreyAtW's webcomic, CAR.

Indogutsu continues to participate in RPG Maker 2000 game creation projects with his friends in Brasington Lane Software Planning, Frontiers, and Gaming Ground Zero. In addition, he contributed several ideas and images to fellow Kendallite VXO's debut fanimutation, Onsokumaru's Great Adventure, in late 2005.