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[[Category:Movies with Japanese Pokemon Music]]
[[Category:Movies with Japanese Pokemon Music]]
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Japanese Pokerap EX Plus Alpha
He shouldn't have called her collect.
Author: Waitohooru
Release Date: unknown
File Size: 2.12 MB
Duration: 5:03
Complexity: unrated
Animutatedness: unrated
Star(s): Random Pokerap Guy, Anti-Spam Cats
Audio Info
Pokémon Ieru Ka Na Baby
Artist: Suzukisan and company
Album: Pokémon Best Collection (1999)
Genre: Various
Language: Japanese



Notable Props



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Audio Details

The song "Pokemon Ieru Ka Na Baby?" is a remix of "Pokemon Ieru Ka Na", as featured in The Japanese Pokerap

Most of the lyrics are the same in this version and the original.


  • A "The Gamecube isn't that bad!" message exists as a subliminal message, but before the next Gamecube message:
  • Before the scene with the circle of rainbow Gengar, the text "Please buy a Gamecube? Pretty please?" appears for one frame.
  • If you right click and play at the end, you'll see the woman from the "take it off" part without her head.
  • In the scene right before the end where different things from the animutation act as backgrounds, it may be a reference to WAKUFUCHITA, where a similar effect happens right before the end.
  • The noise at the start that sounds like birds chirping is also the ending sound.

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