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== External Links ==
== External Links ==
*  [http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/17603088/ Joey] on [[DeviantArt]]
*  [http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/17603088/ Joey] on [[DeviantArt]]
[[Category:Must-see Animutation]]

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Author: DarkHampster
Release Date: unknown
File Size: unknown
Duration: unknown
Complexity: unrated
Animutatedness: unrated
Star(s): Joey
Audio Info
Language: Dutch


Joey Tribbiani moves into Kabouter's Indian (just outside Moose Factory, Ontario) with a bunch of crazy people who taunt him mercilessly for not owning a rivet gun. In the end, he goes off the deep end, and manages to get both a rivet gun and revenge.




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Audio Details


  • After the 3rd singing line line, hubert cumberdale (from the internet series "Salad Fingers") is shown
  • The text the bulldozer runs over says "This Concludes The Preview... have a nice life..."
  • After Barry Bonds appears, a picture of knees appears for a few frames, followed by the text "TELL ME THE FUCKING STORY!!!"
  • After the first few Icks, a flurry of images is shown consisting of
    • the Superman Logo
    • a shoe
    • a purple background
    • Goats with "E"s on their heads, which is considered Goatse
  • After the 2nd set of Icks, a flurry of text is shown consisting of
    • Kerry Won and j00 Knwo it!
    • So...
    • BITCH!
  • After Darth Vader sings, a guy tells him and the person before him to stop talking
  • After Golum with glasses sings, the text "THIS SPACE LEFT BLANK ON PURPOSE!" appears for a split second
  • After the bus falls, a picture of Zoidberg dressed up as Jesus appears
  • After the guy with black stuff on his face sings, a picture of Colin Mochrie appears
  • After the picture of Bender, part of the Goatse Man is shown for one frame[with the naughty bit censored]
  • Before Colin, Jay Jay, and Groove sing, a potato appears for one frame
  • there are several more one/several frame pictures/text
  • Whenever the man with the drill appears (only when he has the drill) you can click on the drill, it supposedly doesn't do anything.

External Links