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A lemon-flavored medicinal candy drop from the video game Tales of Phantasia and all of its sequels. In the world of animutation, it is most closely identified with Foo-La-La. The mondegreen of "The Lemon Gummy (not Foo-La-La)" in Rip Slyme's 2004 hit "Dandelion" was one of the two mondegreens* that inspired Indogutsu to create Foo-La-La. In actuality, they were singing "dare mo ga mina FURAWAA," which means "everybody is a flower."

In Foo-La-La, there are several edited Tales of Phantasia screenshots of the item inventory list with a Lemon Gummy (and later, other items) selected. Each screenshot has a different description for the item, although its original description was "A lemon flavored gelatin medicine. Restores 60% of your HP."

The Lemon Gummy will also appear as a healing item in all future versions of Dragon Warrior IV: Renaissance. The item's description explains how they are commonly mistaken for non-medicinal brand-name lemon candies called Foo-La-Las.

* For those who are curious, the other Indo-inspiring mondegreen was "Space Show" (a mishearing of the English word "special"), which instantly made him think of a line from a Homestar Runner cartoon in which a puppet Homestar interviewed a little girl.