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LiveSwif is a flash video creation program developed by (Needed) that is essentially a basic version of Flash. It was origionally sold on-line for $40USD, but recently, the origional creator put the program up for free. The lack of a purchase price made it an option for animutationists below the poverty line.

The Beginning

Liveswf was origionally discovered by Animutation Portal member (Source). It was then utilised by a small group of animutationists as a way to break from the slow "slideshow" style of Windows Movie Maker.

The Problems

In the process of making animutations with LiveSwif, the animutationists discovered two big problems.

  • LiveSwf has very little compression capabilities.
  • LiveSwf cannot sync audio with video.

These two problems led to a number of animutations that were either very small in length, but with large filesizes, or long animutations with out of sync audio (rendering them unwatchable).


It's time in the spotlight has come and gone. It is no longer accepted as a usable medium for making animutations. It is strongly advised not to use this when making a first animutaion, or any for that matter.