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Matthew Lesko is a wacky guy who dresses like the Riddler and sells ways to get free money and/or stuff.

He is an Animutation icon, having first starred in Lesko's Revenge, and having subsequently appeared in many other animutations.

Aaron Ackerson, Animutation Mailing List guru and the self-proclaimed Sexiest Man On Earth, had the good fortune of meeting Lesko in person, obtaining an autograph and a confirmation that he has indeed seen Lesko's Revenge:

"Me and my friend Sara were walking down Michigan Avenue in Chicago, and right after we passed by the Hilton, Sara said to me, "That guy back there, isn't he the one in those government grant commercials?" I looked back and saw a man wearing a green suit with yellow question marks walking toward the hotel. I ran back to him and said, "Excuse me, are you Matthew Lesko??"

He turned around, and it was definately Lesko. He signed a business card and gave it to me. I asked if he had ever seen Lesko's Revenge, and he said that he had. I told him that I'm friends with the guy who made it, and he said, "Have him e-mail me." I shook his hand and let him be on his way."

In Bernard Goldberg's book "100 people who are screwing up America," Lesko was #99.

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