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* ???
* ???
* ???
* ???
* [[Josef Stalin]][[Category: Joseph Stalin Filmography]]
* [[Josef Stalin]][[Category: Josef Stalin Filmography]]
* [[Saddam Hussein]][[Category: Saddam Hussein Filmography]]
* [[Saddam Hussein]][[Category: Saddam Hussein Filmography]]
* ???
* ???

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Author:Mark Edwards
Release Date:0/0/2000
File Size:1.82MB
Complexity:Poiuytic Scale
Audio Info
Artist:The Fugs
Language:English, Yiddish, Spanish



Notable Props



Fake Lyrics Real Lyrics


Monday: Nothing,
Tuesday: Nothing,
Wednesday and Thursday: Nothing.
Friday, for a change: A little more nothing,
Saturday: Once more nothing.

Sunday: Nothing,
Monday: Nothing,
Tuesday and Wednesday: Nothing.
Thursday, for a change: A little more nothing,
Friday: Once more nothing.

Montik: Gornicht,
Dinstik: Gornicht,
Midwoch an Donnerstik: Gornicht.
Fritik, far a noveneh: Gornicht pikveleh,
Shabas: Nach a mool gornicht.

Lunes: Nada,
Martes: Nada,
Miercoles y Jueves: Nada.
Viernes, por cambio: Poco mas nada,
Sabado: Otra vez nada.

January: Nothing,
February: Nothing,
March and April: Nothing.
May and June: A lot more nothing,
Ju-uly: Nothing.

'29: Nothing,
'32: Nothing,
'39-'45: Nothing.
1965: A whole lot of nothing,
1966: Nothing.

Reading: Nothing,
Writing: Nothing,
Even arithmetic: Nothing.
Geopgraphy, philosopy, history, nothing,
Social anthropology (hakalakala): Nothing.

Oh, "Village Voice": Nothing,
"New Yorker": Nothing,
"Sing Out" and "Folkways": Nothing.
Harry Smith and Allen Ginsberg:
Nothing, nothing, nothing.

Poetry: Nothing,
Music: Nothing,
Painting and Dancing: Nothing.
The world's great books: A great set of nothing,
Audy and Foudy: Nothing.

F*cking: Nothing,
Sucking: Nothing,
Flesh and sex: Nothing.
Church and Times Square: A lot of nothing,
Nothing, nothing, nothing.

Stevenson: Nothing,
Humphry: Nothing,
Averell Harriman: Nothing.
John Stuart Mill: Nihil, nil.
Franklin Delano Nothing.

Karlos Marx: Nothing,
Engels: Nothing,
Bukunin and Krapotkin: Nyothing.
Leon-a Trotsky: Lots of nothing,
Stalin: Less than nothing.

Nothing! Nothing! etc.
(Lots & lots of nothing)
Nothing! Nothing! etc.
(Lots of it)
(Not a God damn thing)

Audio Details

  • The lines about 1965 and 1966 are significant because the song was recorded in 1965, and the Fugs speculated nothing would happen in the current or the following year.


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  • Hidden tracks, single-frame subliminal messages, etc.
  • Or any other interesting facts about it that wouldn't go in the summary or transcript.

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