Pinky the Pig's Seizureful Adventure

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Pinky the Pig's Seizureful Adventure
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Author: Lord Zeebmork
Release Date: December 31, 2006
File Size: 2.19 MB
Duration: unknown
Complexity: unrated
Animutatedness: unrated
Star(s): Pinky the Pig
Audio Info
Junghwa Banjeom
Artist: Louis
Genre: Dance
Language: Korean


Pinky the Pig goes on an epic adventure to stop something evil.




Fake Real

Hello. Chug chug do what hey? Not day!
No moo uh... 47298elephant!

A-ye this is 1999 jung-hwa-ban-jeom's coming at your site
Louis'n di-gi-ri Louis lin in Leech dung in China.
All ride Dr. Hobo gae-bong-bag-du

Hoo Ha! Hoo Ha!
Hoo Ha! Hoo Ha!

baeg-nyeon jeon-tong-yi coe-go-yi mas go-jib-ha-neun
seo-ul ma-po-gu a-hyeon-dong jung-hwa-ban-jeom,
I liek teh dynamiet!! jja-jang-myeon-eun jjang jal-hae,
dag-gwang ggong-jja, yang-pa gong-jja, sud-ga-rag-gga-ji gong-jja

in-sim jo-gi-ro so-mun-nan u-ri wang-sa-jang,
so-rim-sa-e-seo seol-geo-ji haess-deon ju-bang-jang
beon-gae-bae-dal cun-sam-i bba-ra-ba-ra bba-ra-bam-
ceol-ga-bang-i na-ga-sin-da jung-hwa-ban-jeom-i gan-da

yeol-ra-ge bogg-go ji-ji-go, ji-ji-go bogg-go dwi-jib-eo ju-go
ddo ji-ji-go, ddo bogg-go han-beon twing-gyeoss-da-ga hu-deu-reo pae-go
yeol-ra-ge ji-ji-go bogg-go bogg-go ji-ji-go, heun-deul-eo ju-go
ddo ji-ji-go, ddo bogg-go du beon twing-gyeoss-da-ga hu-deu-reo pae-go

jung-hwa-ban-jeom jung-hwa-ban-jeom jung-hwa-ban-jeom (hey!)
jung-hwa-ban-jeom (hey!) jung-hwa-ban-jeom

ra-ral-ral-ra ral-ral-ra ral-ral-ra
ra-ral-ral-ra ral-ral-ra ral-ral-ra
ra-ral-ral-ra ral-ral-ra ral-ral-ra

여러분 짜장좋아해?(아니)
그럼뭐 좋아해?(짬뽕)

A~ Ye~ This is 1999 중화반점"s coming at your site.
louis'n 디기리 louis lin in 링쌍쉰 china.
All right 따자 하우 바우,개봉박두

Hoo Ha! Hoo Ha!
Hoo Ha! Hoo Ha!

백년 전통의 최고의 맛 고집하는
서울 마포구 아현동 중화반점
짬뽕은 뽕가게 짜장면은 짱 잘해
닥광 꽁짜 양파 꽁짜 젓가락까지 꽁짜~

인심 좋기로 수문난 우리 왕사장
소림사에서 설거지 했던 주방장
번개배달 춘삼이 빠라바라 빠라밤~
철가방이 나가신다 중화반점이 간다~

열라게 볶고 지지고 지지고 볶고 뒤집어 주고
또 지지고 또볶고 한번 튕겼다가 후드러 패고
열라게 지지고 볶고 볶고 지지고 흔들어 주고
또 지지고 또 볶고 두 번 튕겼다가 후드러 패고~

중화반점~ 중화반점~ 중화반점~(헤이)
중화반점~(헤이) 중화반점~

라랄랄라~ 랄랄라~ 랄랄라~~
라랄랄라~ 랄랄라~ 랄랄라~~
라랄랄라~ 랄랄라~ 랄랄라~~

Audio Details


  • Lord Zeebmork started this movie after SPUGAGFAJKAHGOJSKAGSKE was completed, but he abandoned it to make Guitar Party. A few months later, after Squirrely Wrath was made, he slapped on a few more seconds of animation (everything after and including the Epic Matrix Pig Maneuver scene) and cut it off by making the universe explode.
  • Taiek Ovar Tha Muen reuses a lot of stuff from this movie.
  • The sign over the Punch-Out building changes every time you watch the movie.


  • "Ziing" is a reference to a Pokey the Penguin comic.
  • "*beep* bARNEY hAS bEEN sUCCESSFULLY cLONED" is a reference to some ZZT game.
  • The Home Movies part is a reference to We Drink Ritalin.
  • "EXPECTING SOMETHING?" is a reference to So You Say.

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