Waka Laka Laka

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Waka Laka Laka
The Adventure Begins
on Newgrounds
on Albino Blacksheep
Author: Monkeyforahead
Release Date: February 17, 2004
File Size: 865 KB
Duration: unknown
Complexity: unrated
Animutatedness: unrated
Star(s): the three worms
Audio Info
Waka Laka Laka
Artist: Jenny Rom vs Zippers
Album: DDR 7th Mix
Genre: Dance Pop
Language: English


Zeor, Munkee, and Pikkul go out to save the world from an unknown villan. They succeed, but the world gets destroyed anyway because Munkee smashed Zeeky H. Bomb.




Fake Lyrics Real Lyrics


Waka Laka's a thing to play forever
Just to be together (Just to be together)
Waka Laka's a place to be forever
Waka Laka love and fantasy

(Waka... Waka... Waka...)

See Waka Laka when you need a flight of fantasy (fantasy)
Ecstasy (ecstasy)
Rhapsody (rhapsody)
See Waka Laka when you want a love so tenderness (tenderness)
Waka Laka make you fly

See Waka Laka when you're going to feel so sad and blue,
Just for you, never blue
See Waka Laka and a funny bunny'll free your life
Now it's Waka Laka time

I wanna live (I wanna live)
A brand new day (A brand new day)
Go far away (Go far away)
To Waka Laka place
A Waka time (A Waka time)
To feel so fine (To feel so fine)
A Waka Laka flight

Waka Laka's a thing to play forever
Just to be together (Just to be together)
Waka Laka's so magical and tender
Musical and wonder fantasy

Waka Laka's a never ending story
Glory, glory, glory (Glory, glory, glory)
Waka Laka's a place to be forever
Waka Laka love and,
Waka Laka love and,
Waka Laka love and fantasy

(from http://www.animelyrics.tv/game/ddrev7th/wakalaka.htm)

Audio Details

The song was later used in ROBOT BUSH'S RAMPAGE.


  • "Oh my god I am dead" is a reference to Arfenhouse: The Movie.
  • "Your head a splode" is a reference to the Strong Bad e-mail "video games".
  • The image of Slorg followed by a random image of cats are the remnants of an ancient in-joke from the Team17 Forum.
  • Parking meters are an in-joke of unknown origins for the author in and of themselves.
  • A barely-audible noise in the original audio track that arguably resembles Tigger's laugh is what prompted the inclusion of his picture at that point.
  • A sequel was planned and started, but abandoned.
  • "Happy End!" is a reference to The Demented Cartoon Movie. The shot of the Earth exploding is also taken from the movie.

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