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The Wartysian Factor, invented by Animutation Portal member Wartys Neryon, is a classification system measuring the 'animutation-ness' of an animutation. Although relatively arbitrary, it can give prospective viewers of an animutation a more detailed idea of what to expect when they see it, when coupled with the Poiuytic Scale.

This scale, like the Poiuytic Scale, has nothing to do with the quality of the video, but rather, the level of animutation that it acheives.

The absolute and final definition of the Wartysian Factor (see under The Wartysian Factor Explained and The Wartysian Factor Redefined for past explanations) is under this concept (and the creator created this for the wiki, keep note):

Class A and a half: Almost everything, if not everything, is highly animutational (trippiness and mondegreens are optional)
Class A: Almost everything, but not everything, is animutational (this topic includes "slideshow-style" animutations like Foo-La-La and DAIKENKAI YAY!)
Class B: Many elements, but not a whole lot (this includes "underbaked" flashes and out-of-sync animutations)
Class C: 25-75% animutational
Class D: OK, so it contains a few elements of animutation, so it is animutation if a person treats it as such. And since animutations are by definition, music videos, cartoons containing elements of animutation, regardless of what it would be otherwised classified as, but is not a music video, would be put in this category.
Class E: Whoever called this work animutation is clearly pulling our leg.
Class E minus: No pop culture reference. Not even All Your Base. Not even Chuck Norris. Not ZIP!
Class E minus minus: "The Crap Category" of Flash files not even animated in the slightest. I mean, not animated I can understand, but a NON-ANIMATED Flash file?! BTW, "slideshow" animutations, in Class A, are an exception.

Collaborations, especially The Fingertips Project and Albuquerque: Part 1, may be classified as multiple, because different authors worked them.

This information is meant to supplement Cicierega's First Law.


Class A and a half: Wizard Power, French Erotic Film
Class A: JaDa, Foo-La-La
Class B: Seeing Jesus H. Christ, taco.swf
Class C: YIKES! The Music Video
Class D: The 5th Avocado, Arfenhouse teh movie too
Class E: The Decline of Video Gaming, Final Fantasy VII: All About Random Battles, Albuquerque: The Movie (not to be confused with the current collaboration project in hiatus)
Class E minus: some reach this level
Class E minus minus: B; rarely any flash product reaches this level

The Wartysian Factor Explained

As explained by the creator in a review for YIKES! The Music Video on the Animutation Portal:

I am going to make a measure called the Wartysian Factor. It will be this way:

Class A: Pure Animutation
Class B: In many ways, Animutation, but not really
Class C: In some ways, Animutational
Class D: Few Animutational elements, but still not Animutation.
Class E: There is not a single thing Animutational about this.

The Wartysian Factor Redefined

On May 1, 2006, Wartys Neryon himself posted in the Animutation Mailing List, after going through the first concept (as mentioned above) a couple of times, the redefined version of it. The next definition of the Wartysian Factor is as follows:

Class A and a half: Purely Animutational, with at least one recurring character in general
Class A: Purely Animutational
Class B: Mostly Animutational
Class C: 25%-75% Animutational
Class D: Some, but not all (or something 10 seconds or less in runtime, with perhaps an exception to Un-J's Cube 2: Hypercube).
Class E: Someone's pulling his leg to call it Animutation
Class E minus: Not even a pop culture reference
Class E minus minus: Not even Animated (with a high exception of Indogutsu's Foo-La-La, and KKyuubi's DAIKENKAI YAY!, because they are animutations after all).


  • The E minus minus is meant by the creator as a Strong Bad reference to one of his emails, for kids