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Drunk Magikoopa, hailing from New Jersey, is an overall NSFW animutator. He is somewhat nicely skilled at other flashes as well. Many animutation fans enjoy his work. Drunk Magikoopa has probably made more NSFW animutations than any other author. His animutations are kind of love-it-or-hate-it. For unknown reasons, he sometimes gives his movies alternate titles, which are always "Generic internet video #[six-digit number]" (Although What only has 5 digits). His favorite animutation is Nya Nya Nya. Also, on Newgrounds, he changed his username to "TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTEH", for some reason. Also, he usually gives very short, abstract and strange comments/descriptions on his movies.

Things he frequently includes in his flashes

  • Goatse and other adult images/text
  • Various drawings, especially old men in suits and sometimes stars.
  • Misspelt words
  • Nintendo characters, specifically ones from Mario and Pokemon
  • An Angry Dog Man
  • Angry smiley faces, sometimes with bodies - he even has a character like that called Agnryman
  • Characters that few people recognize (all of his movies on this wiki have at least one unidentified character, most of the time way more. These tend to be his drawings)
  • Advanced scene transitions
  • Backgrounds of cities, sometimes being destroyed
  • His earliest animutations(Boom Boom Dolla and Another Damn Mario Video) featured a large amount of sprites
  • Three of his 2003 animutations featured politicians(Bob Dole in The Bob Dole Experience, H. Ross Perot in Perot Music Hour, and John McCain in McCain's Sexy Outrage)
  • People from the Handlebar Club
  • Red and yellow flashing backgrounds and text (often the text shakes as well as flashes)
  • Fecal matter, particularly in the mouths of various characters.


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