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1337 appeared on the Animutation Portal August 16th 2009. Shortly after appearing he submitted 7 animutations within a relatively short time frame. For the most part, each submission did better than the last.
1337 shows skill and promise as an animutator. His animutations seem to take on a theme of just randomness with virtually no plot, much in the tradition of Neil Cicierega himself. He seems to do quite well with interpreting lyrics and moving things to the music. One notable theme in his animutations is the re-occurrences of Mae West.
As a user, 1337 is very active. He exhibits an enthusiastic personality as he responds to most of what the other users post. He's notorious for bumping old, forgotten threads, much to the annoyance of the other members. In a relatively short time 1337 accumulated 1000 posts.