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Andrew Kepple sporting a Potter Puppet Pals t-shirt

Andrew Kepple is a self-proclaimed visionary and animation enthusiast from wayback. His "Too Much Spare Time" website [1] began in late 1999 when he began putting comics online and making animated GIFs of Pokemon characters getting killed.

In January 2001 he started a web-comic called "Goodbye Cruel World" [2] about two Lemmings who don't kill themselves. This strip raged for about three years until Andrew's interest in Flash animation took his attention away from web-comics.

In 2003, Andrew turned away from animated GIFs to begin learning Flash and produced a number of animutational shorts including the Colin Mochrie vs Jesus H. Christ fanimutrilogy. Since then he has made over 20 Flash-animated movies, many of which are of an animutational nature, and has introduced such characters as Zippy and the Commander Keen to animutation. An avid promoter of the art form, Andrew has had one of his animutations shown on "the big screen" at a university.

These days he lives in Auckland, New Zealand, where he studies at the Freelance Animation School and plans to someday get a job in the animation industry. Or just to get a job. His fans, on the other hand, hope that he remains unemployed and creative for the rest of his life.

He also wrote this entry.

Update: Somebody emailed me to express their appreciation of the last sentence of this entry. Wasn't that nice! ^_^

Kepple has since moved to Canada and started working at an investment company; in his spare time he still makes Flash animations.



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