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Animutation Portal was a site dedicated to animutation. It was founded by Mudi and MrSeiko in July and August 2005. It offered free, adfree hosting for animutations, and also contained a forum in which members of the animutation community could converse, share ideas, and hold animutation-based contests. Following the decline in popularity of animutation, the Portal fell into complete misuse in the mid 2010s, with the site overran by spambots, prior members no longer able to access their accounts, and the forums no longer accessible. The animutations hosted there remained viewable until the site in its entirety went offline in early 2020.

Most of the site's videos have been saved onto BlueMaxima's Flashpoint project as well as being available on SWFchan.


Fun Facts

  • It had over 250 members.
  • Six users made more than 1,000 posts. One, magicpenguin, had over 2,000.

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