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BeatlesLover was first introduced to animutation after he discovered Potter Puppet Pals. His sister clicked the link to "Neil's Site." She liked the videos there, and showed them to her brother. He clicked the "Animutations!" link, and instantly fell in love with what he saw. He didn't think to actually make one for several months, well after he made a name for himself on the forums for Lemon Demon, another of Neil Cicierega's projects. Finally, he got started, assuming he shouldn't join the animutation portal until it was finished. He decided, finally, that he could join without actually having finished his animutation. A month or so later, he released his first animutation, Shut Up Your Mouth. After several months of intensive procrastination, he finally gave in to fate and released an intentionally half-completed animutation entitled Smile For Pie!. Shortly after, he finished Aaron, probably his first good animutation in any way. He is currently working on quite possibly the most unique animation ever, which will be released once it's done.