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Bill Clinton, aka "Slick Willie" and "Bubba", was the 42nd President of the United States of America. He was the first Democrat to win two terms since World War II. Not known for having much restraint when it came to food or women while president, but quite skilled at playing the saxophone. During his second term, he was impeached for perving around with Monica Lewinsky, but the Senate vote, largely along party lines, wasn't enough to remove him from office. He now does a lot of public service announcements with former rival George H. W. Bush, who he defeated to win the presidency in the 1992 election.

Bill Clinton is sometimes used in animutations. The most frequent usage of him, particularly in Max Le Fou's flashes, is via an animated gif of him walking with a green shirt. He's an occasional performer in animutations that use songs with sax solos. Also revealed to have a crossdresser alter ego in Mary Clinton.