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Donald Trump is an American businessman and the 45th President of the United States. Trump first gained celebrity in the 1980s, establishing Trump Tower and numerous other buildings (always with his name gold-plated on them). Trump gained a second wind in the 2000s through reality TV, "firing" contestants as the host of NBC's The Apprentice.

His presidential campaign initially seemed more like a short-lived marketing campaign for the Trump brand than a serious attempt to reach the Oval Office, considering his complete lack of political or military experience and his crude, vulgar campaign rhetoric, which attracted a dedicated base but repulsed many others. Nevertheless, he was able to win the Republican nomination largely as a result of the crowded, homogeneous primary field, and win the presidency as a result of both political polarization and Hillary Clinton being similarly reviled. With his paper-thin skin and impulsive tweeting habits, to name but two personality traits, he would have almost certainly be lampooned in animutations as often as George W. Bush was if they were still popular during the Trump presidency.