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Drunk Magikoopa, hailing from New Jersey, has probably made more NSFW animutations than any other author. He is somewhat nicely skilled at other flashes as well. His animutations are kind of love-it-or-hate-it, but those who enjoy them tend to be big fans.

Recurring motifs in his flashes include shock site images such as Goatse, Nintendo characters, and elderly men. For unknown reasons, he sometimes gives his movies alternate titles, which are always "Generic internet video #[six-digit number]" (Although What only has 5 digits). On Newgrounds, he changed his username to "TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTEH", and he usually gives very short, abstract and strange comments/descriptions on his movies. His favorite animutation is Nya Nya Nya.

Currently, Drunk Magikoopa is a cartoonist and a Twitter humorist. Along with Neil Cicierega, he's among the few former animutators to have current Internet relevancy.

He also made this.


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