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James,known as Kojiro (コジロウ) in Japan, is a member of Team Rocket, a group of bad guys on the anime Pokémon, and he has bluish purple hair. Specifically, he's in a group also consisting of Jessie and Meowth. His most notable Pokémon was a Weezing he had to release, and he also had a Victreebel that always tried to eat him (and subsequently a Cacnea that always hugs him, much to James' discomfort). He, along with Jessie, always lose against Ash Ketchum, or in rarer cases, other Pokémon trainers. In the episode "Holy Matrimony!", James' parents fake their deaths so they can trick their son into coming to their house to pay respects, where they then attempt to force him to marry a sadist named Jezebel, who very closely resembles Jessie.

James' most popular use in animutations is a specific picture of him from the infamous episode "Holiday in Aopulco (アオプルコのなつやすみ)." The episode was originally thought to be banned, but to the surprise of viewers, was aired as a "Lost Episode" special on Kids' WB in 2000, under the title "Beauty and the Beach." Unfortunately for fans, the episode had undergone severe visual and audible edits and was severely cut in time as a result. In the aforementioned picture, James wears fake breasts so he can win a beauty contest, while Jessie looks mockingly at a crying Misty (this scene was cut from the US broadcast).

Notably, in the video game Pokémon Yellow, Jessie and James make an appearance as repeat enemies.