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In early 1986, Lexi was just the dream of her two newly-wed parents. Later that year she would become an embryo, a stage which would last for the next nine months until her birth in June of '87.

Fifteen relatively uneventful years then passed before she discovered AlbinoBlackSheep.com in early 2003. There has been much speculation as to how she first arrived at the site but one thing is clear: she was hooked on the flashing colors and mind-numbing songs / voiceovers. Then came the video that changed her life: Colin Mochrie vs. Jesus H. Christ. Being a fan of Whose Line she knew full well who Mochrie was... to the real world. She had no idea of the meaning he held in the hearts of Animutationers, but soon discovered that that meaning had found its way into her own. There was nothing left to do but watch every animutation she could get her hands on, then finally discover and join the Animutation Discussion List in mid-2005.

Since then she has started many an animutation, but only one short had ever been completed an released. She someday homes to finish "The Moss Cow", the full-length sequel to "You're Arrowed Now, Dog!", but currently due to time constraints it does not appear that it will be done anytime soon.

Also, she feels weird about writing about herself in the third person. It's bizzare- try it sometime.