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MSM aka Malignant Seige Malicious is an australian animutator named Daniel Lynch. After being inspired by the sheer insanity that is animutation he began work on an animutation called Saking Mense. Sadly this animutation didn't make it further then 1/4 way and was eventually dropped for So You Say. Without any previous flash experience or prior knowledge of flash. So You Say recieved good ratings. However should you be a fan of low pouytic animutations you'll be outta luck. As Daniel refuses to work on any project without a poiutic rating of at least 6. After promising the world Earth Vs Funk 2, and failing to release it on time due to a lack of interest in Flash files and Animutation caused mostly by too much time playing video games, MSM has decided to return to the Animutation scene.

Current Released Animutations: So You Say

Current incomplete Animutations: Earth Versus Funk 2(COMING SOON AFTER SOOKA BAZOOKA) Sooka Bazooka,


Dead Animutations(Incomplete with no intent on completion) Saking Mense