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Pandatronic is a long-time watcher, first-time participator in the Animutation fandom. He visited Animutation Portal for over 3 months before registering, then took another two months to muster up the courage to become an active member. Obviously, Pandatronic loves self-loathing almost as much as that apple from The Andy Milonakis Show.

Pandatronic's first exposure to animutation was in the summer of 2002 when he was exposed to Lesko's Revenge and WAKUFUCHITA. He subsequently showed it to all of his friends and they all agreed that animutation was The Best Thing Ever. Being youngsters they eagerly discussed the possibility of creating their own masterpieces but their youthful ambition was crushed by the weight of reality, and all of them moved on. Except Pandatronic. Four years later, he is starting his first animutation: Walkie Talkie Panda.

Pandatronic has no real redeeming features as a human being, including on the internet and Animutation Portal. He is also quite boring, thus the brevity of this article.