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papaSkrobe aka Ryan Oskroba (born July 30, 1988) was one of the first members on the Animutation Portal Forums along with two other members when it was created by Mudi back in August of 2005. At the time he had just created his first animutation, titled 'Tippy's Taco Shack'. He has since then created other animutations most to good review including his latest titled, 'Ameligan'. From October 2006, he is one of Animutation Portal's moderators. He is very tall, blonde, and a serious force to be dealt with. He can be seen around his school wearing a dirty yet brightly colored bowtie on a Tippy's Taco Shack T-Shirt. Ryan spends his time slave driving the freshman techies in the school theatre, being funny, and jamming away to Lemon Demon in his Golden Shagen Wagon automobile. His complete works, along with other oddities, can be found at http://papaskrobe.com