Peter Rybchenkov

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Among the many weird and wacky surnames on the Animutation mailing list (Ackerson, Banas, Cicierega, Donkey...) Rybchenkov is probably the wackiest. Some folks say that on moonless nights, Peter's surname sneaks out of his house to wreak havoc with its innate weird-n-wacky charm, freaking out The Man and demanding Big Mac combos at Burger King. Scientists believe that Peter's surname owes its apparent wackiness to the fact that the first five letters are consonants; indeed, only approximately 18 per cent of his surname is vowel-matter. Such ratios of consonant-to-vowel may be commonplace in Eastern European surnames, but here in English-speaking-ville, that sort of thing is just plain WACKY. Well done, Peter. :)