Random Pokerap Guy

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The Random Pokerap Guy

The Random Pokerap Guy (aka Mike Brady from the Brady Bunch) was known for singing The Japanese Pokerap in the first ever animutation. Upset at all the Attention given to Colin Mochrie, he disguised himself as Jesus H. Christ in the Colin vs. Jesus trilogy. He was also one of the possible candidates of who hit Chainsaw Juggler in the Eye in The Fingertips Project, along with Randy Savage, Charles Manson, and Muhammad Ali.

According to a recent Animutation, whatever the Random Pokerap Guy says goes, he has finally spoken about his role in "Colin VS. Jesus", and he thinks his role in DAIKENKAI! YAY! is his best gig "evar". The Random Pokerap Guy knows how to speak in L33t.