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Name: Surn
Species: Mascot (Garbage Can)
Gen: Male
Age: N/A
Surn was once a human but became an anthropomorphic garbage can by filling his head with too much useless video-game experience and crap from the internet. The change was slow and almost unnoticeable. He is a reclusive individual who has difficulty trusting and getting along with other sentient beings. As a result he generally avoids direct contact.
As a Mascot he is neither living nor non-living, organic nor machine. While Surn requires sleep he does not need to eat or breathe allowing him to survive in uninhabitable places such as planets too small for an atmosphere or electromagnetic nebulas. He uses this as well as his ability to turn into a regular garbage can to evade contact.
In reality he is a creepy white guy with Aspergers who still lives with his parents. As a user of the Animutation Portal Surn originally tried to tell people what to do until Pandatronic told him off. After this he gradually became less assertive and stuck to pretty much what everyone else was doing (Magic Youtube Surprise etc...) [This section requires someone to judge Surn to describe him as a member of the Animutation Portal].

Recurring Characters and Themes

Blah, Blah, Blah, Animutation

(Surn's Note: Arguably I should have just left this since I can't make sense of the word wrap system)

   Initially Surn was afraid of copyright law but gradually overcame it for images. He started out with a trial version of Sothink SWF Easy and a GIF
Animation program and eventually bought Sothink SWF Quicker and Easy GIF Animator.  In total Surn has sent out 7 animutaitons (8 if you count The
Fishey Plague).
       For fear of violating copyright law Surn used only Music from the Newgrounds Audio portal. As a result, all but his last two animutations have
no lyrics. His animation syncronizes fairly well to the music. In the earliest animutations the music was mainly synced to when parts of the song would
come in (for example, the scene might change when more instruments come into the song).  On a few occasions the animation may sync to a finer degree
for a short burst of time (Surn is particulary proud of the colored light flashes at the beginning of "The Plot Against Mario Fandom").
   For images Surn has also been wary of copyright law, though not as much as the music. In Cave of Musty he used animated GIFs he made himself,
pictures of his rabbit and things that the users of the Animutation Portal made (none of which were protected by copyright law). In Made in China took
pictures of an assortment of Dollar Store merchandise (hence the name) and textures from [ cgtextures] (Surn forgets where he got
Ferdinand Rudolph Hassler).  Candy Spaz primarily used the pictures of gummy candy that Surn took and some clippings from Youtube. With
The Magic Fool Bucket and She-Bassoon Surn relied heavily on images from photobucket which were copyrights such as Captain Planet and Ronald McDonald.
    There are at least three re-occurring factors to Surn's animutations that add some uniqueness: Re-occurring characters, Big monsters, and the use
of Bible Verses. The main re-occurring characters are Dr.Masochist, Fishey Plague Ferdinand, and Mr.Kary. Dr.Masochist first appeared in Cave of Musty
and was mutilating his tongue in some way in all but one instance. He started out with some hair and eyebrows then ended up completely bald and missing a
leg. Fishey Plague Ferdinand first appeared in the spam-mutation Fishey Plague where Ferdinand Rudolph Hassler got the fishey plague and turned into 

Fishey Plague Ferdinand. In Made in China and The Plot Against Mario Fandom he played key roles while in Mr.Kary and The Magic Fool Bucket he was pushed to the background. Mr.Kary made fly-by appearances in The Plot Against Mario Fandom (just before Rick swallows Mario) and in Candy Spaz (when Candy Spaz has a finger to his mouth hand his head is tilted). After his own Animutation he got a bigger image and had instances where he wasn't moving. There were 4 big monsters used in Surn's animutations. For the most part these were comprised of non living things. The first was the Made in China Monster composed of Dollar Store Merchandise. The second was Mutant Rick Astley with yellow chicken legs for fingers, a yellow blackberry for the torso and shoulder pads made of hedgehog quills. The third was Candy Spaz who was (of course)made of candy. The fourth was unnamed with a snake egg for a head and sawed-off legs composing his torso and arms. Finally Surn frequently used Bible verses. For the most part they have little relevance with the actual animutation and came from the book of Proverbs. On at least two occasions there is a bible verse appied to the animutation. In Candy Spaz Proverbs 25:16 (If you find honey, eat just enough- too much of it, and you will vomit.) was used at the end. In She-Bassoon Matthew 23:12 (For whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be exalted.) spanned the preloader and the play-button screen. On a side note, Proverbs 25:16 was used 3 times.

   Surn announced on November 29 2009 he would be leaving animutations. This came in light of seeing his 18 second short "Carrotoid"
out-score his animutations.



  • Contrary to the stereotype of Canadians, Surn hates hockey.
  • Cave of Musty was not actually Surn's first animutation. His first animutation was set to "Sominex/Suppertime II" from the Little Shop of Horrors sound track. The main characters from this were Edna Kerbopple, Andy Larkin, and Colin Mochrie. Not only was the music copyrighted but the file ended up at more than 60mb!
  • Surn is Baptist (not united)and holds conservative beliefs.