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T3hCoM (born April 23, 1990) is your average Animutationist and AP member. Uhhh...that's it.

His Animutations


I have only completed 2 Animutations:

  • Operation: A.N.I.M.U.T.A.T.I.O.N. - My first one and I did it back when I was on the 30-day trial. It's kinda crap, though. But hey, it wasn't just my fist Animutation, it was my first Flash in general...so yeah. (Current Score on AP: 7.33 with 12 votes)
  • George Costanza's Big Break - My second Animutation. Tough it was more animated than Op. ANIMUTATION, I also find it kinda crap. Though the main reason for that was that I hurried it up. (Current Score on AP: 6.57 with 7 votes)


I also have 1 Animutation that I've scrapped:

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