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Trying to type out the lyrics but the page is breaking for me. If you're here, copy and paste this into the section:

Airplanes in the sky all night
Dropping bombs and cellulite
We all love a lovely fistfight
Cause Liza Minneli ain't the Antichrist
Football Barney and Superman
Super-duper-soup but not from a can
Halo CE on the Family Lan
I got a running riot on my old man
I like nachos, yes, I do
Stealing shampoo from a kangaroo
Billows from a cigarette
I'd kick his arse but I'd forget
Phil Collins pitches for the New York Mets
pulling the strings of a marionette
We represent the Lollipop Guild
Find these morons and have them killed
I'm a consultant for General Mills
Better shut up cause I got skills
Who likes pancakes? I know I do
Get the whole line from that kangaroo
The Florida state derby in Kentucky
Go on down if you feel lucky
Sonny and Cher I guess we'll see
Their variety hour on the TV
Broadcast from a satellite
This is hella-mega-tight
I'm out of rhymes, I think I just might
Talking like Yoda and incomprehensible lyrics
I just found a tasty shoe
Let's go steal some shampoo from...Tom Cruise!
I don't wanna go to school
I just wanna use my shampoo on my new kangaroo hairdo!

Also, typing out these lyrics hurt my soul :(