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This is a "recreation" of the Ambox CSS class which Wikipedia uses for template messages. It doesn't have "all" the features of the Wikipedia one, but it can do some nifty things of it's own (like custom colors). But since it doesn't require CSS modification on namespaces I can't access, this is easier to implement. Thus, I have called it Swiftbox. Things it can't support are its usage as a CSS class, and "easy" insertion of images. It also can't do the "severity based color chooser", using HTML color codes instead. This however, is an advantage since we're not limited to 5 colors with Wikipedia's implementation.

The syntax is similar to the Animutation infobox:

bg=#FBFBFB| (Background color, defaults to #FBFBFB)
color=#1E90FF| (Tab color, defaults to #1E90FF)
content=The message which the box contains}}