The Crack Master

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The Crack Master is a monster made out of cracks on the wall from Sesame Street. In the sketch, a girl is laying on her bed imagining cracks on the wall turning into animals. One is a camel, one is a hen, and the other is a monkey. The girl then rides the camel into a room she's never been where she meets an evil crack monster. He declares loudly "I AM CRACK MASTER!" and then falls to the floor and melts. The girl and animals get scared so they run off she then thanks the camel for the rides and goes to bed saying "We'll go and see the cracks again some day,". The sketch aired only 11 times in the 70s and was very elusive. Some people even believed that the few people who did remember it dreamed it almost like a real life Candle Cove, until one day a man named Jon Armond got a copy of the clip and essientially signed paperwork promising he would never share it. Years later in 2013, the clip was posted to the Internet by YouTuber, dycaite and has since been there for the world to see.