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Virtual Sting aka Colin O was born and raised in the sweaty state of Arizona on May 19th 1988.
Then some other stuff happened.
Fast foreward twenty-two years. Virtual Sting Productions is now a multi-billion dollar international animation corporation.
To see how this happened, we must first rewind a few years. Virtual Sting began learning Flash in middle school, and started many animation projects that were never fully completed such as, 'Star Train'. After being introduced to animutation, he became a frequenter of the AP forums and promptly completed his first video, 'It Will Always Be Alright' on February 21st, 2006.
For some reason he keeps boasting about how he knows papaSKROBE personaly, although no one is realy sure why. He hopes to become a very wealthy welder some day and also become a famous internet Flash artist. Although he admits that that will probably never happen. In his spare time, Virtual Sting enjoys working tech in the high school theatre, eating lunch, being awesome, playing his keyboard, writing scripts for his upcoming animutation like skit, chatting on the Lemond Demon Chat, and not participating in pagan rituals.