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The Everyday Happenings of Weebl and Sometimes Weebl's Friend Bob (best known as Weebl and Bob, or occasionally Wobbl and Bob, see below) is an internet cartoon created using Macromedia Flash composed by Jonti Picking (also known as Weebl to fans) and co-scripted by Jonti Picking and Skoo.

Both characters are egg-shaped. Weebl is the larger of the two, and Bob is identical except for his size. The cartoon is presented on a magenta background, and the characters are white. Weebl and Bob both move on and off by rolling, but remain swaying when stopped. Both characters talk, though their voices are usually unintelligible. Helpfully, speech bubbles are used. This speech is well punctuated, but capitals are not used, and correct grammar is rarely employed. The episodes are set to music (though it differs considerably between episodes), with the characters often talking in time to the rhythm.

There has been at least one compilation of Weebl and Bob cartoons released on DVD. However, due to copyright issues over the toy brand name "Weeble," the duo is referred to as Wobbl and Bob on the DVDs.


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